Posted by: Rajesh Kanaparti | March 9, 2008

What is Project and Project Management?

So what is a project?

A project is a unique endeavor that has specific start and end time.Its unique, so a car manufacturing process is not a project. But say suppose if the company has decided to integrate in built GPS system, then it a project. Why because it has never been done before in that company. Therefore an effort has to be made to gather the requirements, estimate risks, budget, resources needed, quality measures to pass and when this project can go into production stream line.

The management of a unique endeavor is called Project Management. The person who is in charge of this project is called project manager(PM). Here are some of the skills

1. Communicator: The primary role of project manager is to communicate with team on what needs to be done and also communicate with sponsors and stake holders about the status of the project. Communication is very important.

2.Strategist: This helps PM to think strategically on how to steer this project. What needs to be done first and the overall strategy to make this project successful with minimal risks.

3.Manager : The skills is required to manage the team and resolve any issues between team members and make them to work with good team spirit to complete the project with great quality standards with in the time allocated for this project.

4.Analyst: This skills allows the PM to analyze risks and the scope of the project and how this project helps business to achieve its overall strategic goal.

5.Leader: The PM is responsible to make every one in his team what the end product/service will look like and keep the team spirit high at all times to motivate them to give there best to realize the product that is envisioned when the project is completed.

Well this is a great start. In the next post, I will discuss about the Organizational structure and how it plays an important role in the project structure.


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