Posted by: Rajesh Kanaparti | March 13, 2008

Did you see your Software Development team sprinting? And you saw them delivering products without missing a release?

Well do you want to know why they are sprinting and how that is helping them release products on time and how even the product quality is increased? You might also have observed that the team is not even working late hours?


The team must have certainly adopted Agile Methodologies to develop there products incrementally and iteratively. What ?



Well, Well , Now you want to jump in and make your team sprint. But you are wondering if your management is going to be happy about it or not? You should start slow. Start with a simple project and start adopting scrum methodologies. You need to teach your team on how to play this scrum game aAnd guide them through out the process. In the next sprint, you have to see how to improve the game.

Once your project is done, your management might observe your team’s success and might ask you how you did it? Present them the agile methodology and get there agreements to do a little complex project this time. With in no time you might see the whole enterprise scrum.


So who plays what roles in this game. And who is going to guide this game of software development.When you are talking as whole enterprise, there can be three team as Ken suggests in his book the enterprise and scrum.


Enterprise Transition Team

Sr. Management

Scrum Roll out Team

Team who aids in making the organization agile and understand the game

Scrum Development Team

The Development team who are the real players.





Product Owner

Responsible for the Product

Scrum Master

Whose responsibility is to scrum and remove any impediments that the team is facing.


Hello ! Are you with me. You might be already visioning yourself the persons who can be in the roles above. Well when you are done, you might want to start kick off meeting. Wait! Don’t just schedule a meeting.Will blog more about kick off meeting in the next post. Until then keep sprinting.




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