Posted by: Rajesh Kanaparti | March 21, 2008

Ah! The day has come. It’s a sprint review day. It’s Show time!

What is the purpose of such a meeting?

Well this meeting is typically held at the end of the sprint and your team has worked hard on the sprint log. The sponsors and the stakeholder wants to see how the project is going? Hey they have been good to you, they didn’t bug you  every day with new features. So you better stand to your word and show what your team has achieved.

Purpose: The product owner will have the opportunity to see and present the newly released features of the product that he owns. This is the work that he/she thought will gets the best ROI and  hence directed the team to work in the last sprint. With that said , he will now hand off the platform to team members who has done the work. Each team member will present the items they have worked on.

They will answer any questions that the stake holders asked. Some times the product owner and the scrum master can help them or note the discrepancies if any while answering these questions.

Few points to observe here,

1. Only completed items can be shown here in this meeting.So there should be no assumptions here. Remember the whole idea of incrementally iterative development is to have a potentially shippable product.

2. No team member should spend more than one hour to prepare for this meeting.

3. So from the point made above, work that is partially completed or work that is made around the item is not shown. The main goal is present the feature of the product and to get opinions of the product owner and stake holder.

4. Sprint meeting typically spans for 4 hours, so scrum master should give each team member enough time to present the tasks and also allow time to answer any questions.

5. Scrum Master should co-ordinate the meeting and invites all the stake holders.

6. Stakeholders have every right to comment ( how this new release will help the product /company) or any criticisms on the new features. It’s a good time to note any changes or new requirements or priority of changes.

7. Depending on the feedback above the product owner prioritizes the product backlog.

8. Also the scrum master will  show a burn down chart and shows how the project is progressing and if they can or cannot meet the date committed to complete the project. This gives the stake holders and hence the product owner to re-prioritize the requirements if it needs to happen. So no surprises which is the greatest benefit of IID.

9. At the end of the sprint review meeting, the scrum master announces the place and time for the next sprint review meeting.

Now lets think about the effects of such a meeting and see how every one in this meeting benefited.

1. Since team has done the work, lets discuss about them first. Every one wants to show there work.It makes them feel special and gives them the spirit to do the best work they can and also to learn and improve. In a general setup , the developer/architects/testers/designers won’t have such a chance. But this sprint review meeting presents each team member and gives them the opportunity to show there work and at the same time understand how there work effects the whole company.  I believe that this will lift up there spirits and encourages them to produce quality work and also commit to the success of the team.

2. The product owner has the opportunity to show the stake holders on the Product development strategy and get immediate feedback at the end of each sprint. This gives them enough time to direct the team  and get a product that has usable features that is more usable and can concentrate on the major features and prioritize the features. I am sure that product owner will be more happy as it eliminates so much pressure from his mind.

3. Last but not least the stake holders have the opportunity to see the direction of the  product that the product owner is steering and how it aligns with the strategy of the whole company. And they have the opportunity to give there feedback to make any changes if any.

The scrum master has the opportunity to present the project progress.

So every one in the team is benefited from this team and more importantly they are eliminate the surprises that made every team members  work easy.


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