Posted by: Rajesh Kanaparti | October 1, 2008

Phew!! MS helped me finding my lost VS 2008 Product Key

Ok this don’t happen often. I got my VS 2008 professional edition in one of the launch events. I installed it on my laptop and everything is going fine. Now that I am giving the laptop to my brother, I cleaned it (uninstalled VS 2008) . But i have no clue that I lost my product key.Tried to install it on my desktop and that’s when i found that I no longer have the key. I was worried. Googled to see how others are dealing with this issue , not much of a success. So I tried 1-800-microsoft ( 1-800-642-7676). They tranferred me to another number 1-800-936-5800 which is specifically for the developer products. I told them what happened. They asked me to read the part number on the CD and there you go they found the product key. And I am installing vs2008 as I write this post. Thank you MS Technical Customer Support for helping me out on this issue.

Now that I learned my lesson, I am going to re-organize all the software assets I have and  correctly label  them along  with there  product keys.


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