Posted by: Rajesh Kanaparti | February 1, 2009

Character Goals

I am in my first semester of my MBA at George Fox University. I have to say that I am already loving this program. My professor, Chris Mead is making us think why character, ethics are important both in personal and business aspects. The most important thing that i am learning in this course is the importance of character. How well do we know our own character? Words we are saying ,are they really coming from our heart? Do we put those words into actions and are they in accordance with our values and principles?

So while we are discussing about the character and ethics aspects, my professor asked us to set our character goals. This blog is about my character goals.

Would like to improve and set my character goals in each of the seven classical virtues

  • Courage, to do what is right and follow my heart
  • Faith, to build healthy and productive relationships by earning the faith of others through my ability to add value and to do with virtue. Also to develop my ability to trust others
  • Hope,  to have realistic expectations and to be hopeful and  creative in achieving those expectations
  • Justice,  to be fair and authentic,  personally to be  be fair to the environment and consider options to reduce pollution
  • Love, to be compassionate
  • Prudence, to choose the purpose of my life
  • Temperance, to balance work, family and community to spend our time in doing what is worthy

What are your character goals? You may ask why do we need to set character goals?

Too many people depend on their possessions to define their personality when in fact they should be allowing their personality to determine their possessions. They think that having the “Status Symbols” will give them status or toys will bring them happiness, when the only thing that gives you status or joy is your value to the community and that is determined by your contribution and your behaviour.So set character goals to get satisfaction in your life.


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