Posted by: Rajesh Kanaparti | February 1, 2009

My phases in life

We all go through phases in our life. We can’t understand some concepts and some feelings in earlier phases but we can understand the same concepts and feelings as we advance in our phases.There are some things that we learn and there are some things that we forget.  As a whole , when all these phases are combined/convoluted, our past experiences and what what we have learned reflects of who we are and what our character is.

Just wanted to check myself where I am now, what phases  I went through, how did I transform in each of these phases in my life and may be predict what is my next phase , what I will be doing naturally in that phase and what I wanted to do while I am in that phase. It’s  interesting to observe that in each phase , there are certain things that we learn or do naturally without even thinking. Here are the phases that i went through


Phase 1 (Age 9 – 11):

  • Sense of achievement, Sense of music
  • Determined to devote to studies and be a top ranker in school

Phase 2( Age 11-15):

  • Learned that Hard work, Discipline, Perseverance can out beat intelligent and smartness to achieve a goal
  • Felt the joy in sharing especially with strangers
  • Learned that good persons are hardworking, determined, role models , loyal to their  families and its values
  • Learned that money is not important. Just manage it carefully to live

Phase 3  (Age 15-16):

  • Learned to be courageous and to question the actions of a person when the actions are not good for family and society.
  • Learned to stand for justice
  • Learned to believe in myself . With the help of god miracles happened and opened up opportunities opportunity.To be thankful to god and to utilize the opportunity that god has given.

Phase  4 (Age 16 – 20):

  • Shocked to know about caste system and how some castes are great and some castes are low
  • Determined to show that caste has nothing to do with the character of a person and there success.People might not help you, but if you are smart and intentions are right, people will follow you
  • Sometimes we derail, but with a mentor in life or if there are persons for whom you are accountable, it will help you to get back where you wanted to head in the first place
  • Observed that if you want to be a winner, be with winners
  • Learned that I cannot avoid failures in life, just learn to get up and try again until you succeed

Phase 5 (Age 20 -26):

  • Entered the world of money
  • Learned the importance of job
  • Learned that hard work &  money are not linear. Improve your skills and money will follow
  • Observed that social inequalities are all over the world, it is just ingrained in human nature
  • Time to stand for justice and your beleives and do what is right
  • Take responsibility and inspire others that the path of justice might be rough but things work out if we plan carefully and work hard diligently
  • Observed that opportunities are all over the place. By living an integrated life, people open up and help us to achieve our goals  when they know that your intentions are right, and you are smart and hardworking.

Phase 6 (Age 26- 29):

  • Opportunities show up some times and most of the times , they either involve lot of hard work or lot of risks. One has to jump from the comfort zone ship into unknown waters. If you believe in god and if you believe in yourself and keep swimming with the direction and end goal in mind, you will grow.
  • Lost my beloved father and had to take more responsibilities  to settle fathers loans and his business.
  • Learnt about society and how it works and how people are opportunitists.
  • Questioned the purpose & meaning of life.
  • Felt the need to use myself in order to help family in india and also to help others in my life, may be that’s the purpose of life. Helping and caring for each other while we are  on this earth. That is what all gods and heroes did. It is not a coincidence. I should follow the path they showed us to follow.
  • Sacrificed some personal goals to help family, and jumped in unknown waters
  • Learned that I am weak in the areas of leadership. Learned the importance of leadership to develop a team and lead them to achieve common aspirations and goals. Learned the importance of communication skills.
  • You need to be strong and good in an area. That expertise  will help.
  • Again realized that money & hard work are not related linearly, so i need to do something to have a balanced family life, at the same time help others when they need it.
  • Determined that business & investments are tools where money is not directly related  to hardwork. Learned the concept of money working for us instead of us working for money.
  • Learned that ideas doesn’t have to be intelligent and scientific to earn money. 
  • Understood that there is  lot to learn and wanted to learn leadership and the art of doing business in a formalized manner. Leaders with good intentions in an area of business can help people and also their families  in many ways.

Life is like a circle, we are confident in certain areas and hopeless in certain areas, but hope, faith and persevarnce brings us back to the areas where we are confident and the cycle repeats.

I found a very good website that talks about the life and its phases and I completely agree with how the author is depecting the life.

 What Phase are you in now? Can you reframe your phases and find a purpose of  your life?





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