Posted by: Rajesh Kanaparti | February 7, 2009

Get Things Done

I listened to this audio book “Get Things Done”  few months ago and I have to say it is working for me very well. Since I think too much and want to achieve a lot other than my work, i used to get cranky when I was not able to complete few items or forget them. But after practicing some steps mentioned in this book, I am doing lot better in organizing my thoughts, actions and execution. 

My favourite one of all is the “2 minute” rule. If a task takes that 2 minutes and you have everything you want to complete the task, just get that task done. This is helping me a lot in keeping my mind very clear. 

I am writing this blog entry following the same rule too. Just today i found out a web site called nozbe,  a fabulous online organizer that’s designed around David Allen’s methodology for getting things done. This site also has an app for IPhone or Itouch. I just started using it. Will let you guys know if it is working for me. In between if you are interested to know the tutorials for getting this done, follow this link. Good luck and now go and get some things done.


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