Posted by: Rajesh Kanaparti | February 7, 2009

Life and its Purpose

After loosing my father, I pondered on life and its purpose. Life is short and to get satisfaction and meaning out of it, we need to work on a worthy cause and serve others. We need the support of our family to serve that worthy cause we choosed to devote our life for.  After we agree on how we want to spend our life and on the meaning of life, we should make a short, brief and clear mission statement that simply remind us from time to time of what our purpose is.


Family Values and Mission : To make each individual of the family, an honest and productive citizen of planet earth and create an environment where the seven classical virtues can be learnt and practiced, while serving others & ourselves and making our life’s better and valuable. To make our life easier, and utilize our valuable  time for  greater good.

Life its meaning and purpose

What do we devote our life ?

To utilize the skills that are gifted to us by god to serve others. Help others who are in need. Mentor others to lead a simple and spiritual life. Make life easier that way people can have more family and spiritual time to grow from both inside and outside and make this world a better place to live for future generations.

How our life been spent?

Improving ourselves and teach others about what we learnt. Using our competence to serve a worthy cause. 

Personally I am still searching for that one worthy cause. Only one thing that I am clear is that the cause has to do with serving others and making  life easier. But I want to narrow it down even more to have a clear goal. Do you have any suggestions?


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