Posted by: Rajesh Kanaparti | February 19, 2009

Top four things that pump me up and top four things that drain me

Have you ever observed that there are some things that will pump us up and some events in life that drain us. In a day, if there are events that pump us up, we feel great and some days when events that drain our energy levels we feel bad. And when the energy levels are low , every small decision we should make looks like a big deal and that upsets us and people around us. I didn’t observe this phenomena until recently my professor Chris Mead  in my leadership & ethics class talked about it. But if there are some events that we can generate ourselves to pump us up like Music, workout we can make our days better. Most of us just leave it upon luck or say bad day but we can fix it.

Top 4 things that pump me up

1. Crossing items in my to do list.

2. Learn  something new in technology especially robotics and communication and thinking about start up  ideas.

3. Listen to music

4. Talk to people who are successful and share common aspirations or get inspiration from them, or just go workout.

Top 4 things that drain me

1. Politics in office.

2. A non productive day

3. Work with short temper people

4. Watching TV

So when i feel drained , i listen to audio books about self improvement or listen to music  or get some things done in my to do list.

That’s how I fix my day if it is a bad day. And hope you got the idea, we can make our days better by doing things that pump us up.


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