Posted by: Rajesh Kanaparti | February 19, 2009

When your business is growing at a rapid pace?

It’s amazing that how some start-ups experience growing pains when its business is growing at a rapid pace. If the leaders of that business are not looking forward and thought about the infrastructure that is needed to face the rapid growth, then the business can come down to its needs in no time.

All the time and money that is spent to make business successful can be  fruitless if the leaders are not visionaries.

From what i have seen, some of the  common mistakes that business owners do in this aspect is being reactive rather than proactive . Also not able to identify that there is a growth in a business.  They will be too proud of there success and they will making plans to celebrate but some times forget to plan for scaling the infrastructure needed to support the growing business needs.Here are a few gotchas.

  1. Not streamlining processes.
  2. Not hiring enough people
  3. Not delegating some menial tasks
  4. Not empowering people to take decisions
  5. Not investing back
  6. Not caring about customers

Can you mention some growing pains in your organizations and how people succeeded or failed in such scenarios?


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