Posted by: Rajesh Kanaparti | November 26, 2009

iphone/itouch/android as magic mouse

It all started by a dramatic moment of me throwing the keyboard as the wireless range is out for my wireless keyboard when i lean back on sofa while browsing net on my lcd tv in living room. i was looking at buying bluetooth mac keyboard and magic mouse.But i dont want to spend that much money. i was lookin at my wife’s iphone and then there is an idea. i was like how come the touch surface of these smart phones be used as mouse. then i got greedy, i was like why stop at mouse, i  can use keyboard too.

Then ofcourse i searched for remote in app store. ofcourse there is an app for that. i bought hipporemote for 4 solved my problem. i can use my iphone/itouch as magic mouse on trackpad. it even has profiles for media center and other longlist of commonly used apps. the screen changes that way i can easily navigate through the selected app.

i use media center to watch netflix movies. so i can use hipporemote yo easily navigate. in addition there is login profiles that way when you go to a particular site. you can login using login profile. you can even record macros. so check hipporemote app on iphone store. also visit their site at

in short for $5 bucks, i saved 100 bucks . All i need when i am browsing internet on my tv is my iphone or i touch or android phone.that will be keyboard, mouse heck magic mouse and more.

by the way, this whole blog entry is typed using iphone as keyboard and mouse while kicking back in sofa and using my lcd tv as screen.i love technology. makes life so much easier.


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